Choosing Carbon Balanced Paper will reduce your carbon impact, protect endangered species and enhance your brand. The World Land Trust Carbon Balanced Paper logo can be proudly featured on your printed products to demonstrate and communicate your commitment to reduce your carbon impact.

The Carbon Balanced Paper logo is a registered trademark of World Land Trust and can only be used on printed products where the paper has been balanced/offset through the program.


In North America, Carbon Balanced Paper applies to printing and writing grades of paper manufactured by pulp and paper mills located in the US and Canada. Imported grades and packaging grades are not included.

Exceptions can be made for special circumstances based on available carbon footprint data.  Please contact us to discuss any project at


To make sure that the logo is always readable and recognizable the Carbon Balanced Paper logo should not be reproduced smaller than 3/4” (19mm) high.

The logo must always appear in its entirety: the roundel, the World Land Trust text, the URL and the unique reference number.

Ensure the logo has sufficient white space around it.

Logo Size Guide


The logo can only be reproduced in:

  • PMS 561
  • C90 M40 Y55 K21
  • Black
  • Reversed/White

Examples show the permitted permutations for logo application.

Logo Color Variations
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