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Khe Nuoc Trong, Vietnam

One of the most biologically diverse countries on Earth, Vietnam harbors around 10% of the world’s species. It is also one of the fastest growing economies in the world, which is putting immense pressure on its exceptional biodiversity.

With funding from the Carbon Balanced program, World Land Trust is working with local partner Viet Nature to conserve the forests of Khe Nuoc Trong (KNT), Vietnam.

The project aims to protect biodiversity by reducing illegal wildlife hunting and allowing natural regeneration of degraded areas within the 52,210 acre forest. These protection activities reduce pressures on the forest, allowing degraded areas to revert to high-quality forest, producing a climate benefit of 41,686 tCO2 annually.

KNT is essential habitat for 40 globally threatened species, including Southern White-Cheeked Gibbon, Crested Argus and the Red Shanked Douc, one of the world’s most endangered monkeys.

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